Farillio - testimony

My journey with Farillio started in 2017 as an interim fractional CTO to the founder Merlie, I designed and architected the MVP and initial version of the product and then hired a Director of Engineering and other team members.  I stepped back into an NED role in 2018 and was closely involved in launching the product until October 2020 when I joined full-time as CTO.   I finished working with Farillio in July 2023.

Merlie's testimonial

Dan worked for our business in the full-time role of CTO from 1 October 2020 to 27 July 2023. Prior to that, he helped to architect and contribute to the build strategy of Farillio in its very early startup period from July 2017 onwards. He was a non-executive board director from 28 January 2019 onwards, spending 1-2 days each month with senior management and the development team until he joined us in his fulltime capacity, whereupon he became an executive director of the business. 

Dan made starting a challenger business with massive ambitions and lots of technological intricacies a much easier task. He was reassuring, pragmatic, customer-centric and outcomes-driven from the very outset. 

Dan remains a board director, today in a non-executive capacity, and we are very proud of this continued connection with him and his continued belief in us and our mission. 

Dan has always been a trusted, highly valued, and respected sounding board to many team members across all levels of the business. He is inventive, supportive, listens hard and has terrific experience of working in tech businesses, large and small, new, and established. 

His real strengths lie in ideation and bringing great ideas to life and helping to pull together stellar teams to execute on them. He is always keen to be involved, is astoundingly bright and has been a wonderful colleague and sanity check in almost every aspect of business life, from helping to evolve our product, helping to impress customers and investors, structuring teams, supporting diversity and cultural initiatives, and hiring colleagues. 

If the opportunity arose again to work with him in a greater capacity than we do today, we would be delighted to do so. We highly recommend him to any business looking to achieve the successes that he has helped us to achieve – or their equivalent