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Putting the tech in Fintech

A CTO Craft Fintech panel

Thursday night (7th Sept) saw CTO Craft's first event with a panel discussion of CTO's talking on the subject of Fintech.

There was a lively and informative debate including myself, Ezechi Britton CTO and Co-Founder at Neyber, Douglas Squirrel Former CTO at Osper & Jonathan Lister CTO at PensionBee.

We covered issues such as how dealing with regulatory bodies and other large third party suppliers makes Fintech a harder space to be agile and entrepreneurial. The we expect Brexit to have on the industry. How to hire great developers and why the UK is leading the world in Fintech.

The event was filmed and can be viewed here on the skills matter website.

Dan Jacobs is an interim / freelance CTO with experience in multiple sectors including Fintech

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