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    Consulting (Dan Jacobs Limited)

    Director Oct 2011 - Present
    Advising and providing interim technical, product development and commercial support for startups, scale-ups and established businesses.
    Present: NED @ Farillio, Interim CTO @ The Bio Agency, Advisor @ Claim Technology, Fractional CTO @ The RightsXchange, Advisor @ Rocket Rights
    2018/19: NED @ Farillio, Advisor @ Global Private Solutions, CTO @ TRX


    2017: Belron (owner of Autoglass), Cowwow (InsureTech startup), GetMedix (Health Tech), Farillio (Legal Tech), MedicAnimal (Pet ecommerce)

    2016: evvnt - (event distribution platform), RMI (Retail Marketing), Savvee (now WeGift), HelloHR (HRTech), The Game Corporation (EdTech), Rooster (FinTech)

    2015: 61000.co.uk, Yndica (product marketing), Practicus (consultancy), The Game Corporation (EdTech), WeSwap (FinTech)

    2014: BloomVC (Crowdfunding platform), ReadingWise (EdTech), Lingos.co (EdTech), 61000.co.uk (telco)

    2011: FIS (formerly Metavante/Nomad), IDT Global (Financial)

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    NoMoreFiling Limited

    Founder / CEO Jan 2014 - Present
    View and manage all of your home services, contracts, insurance, utilities etc through a great looking mobile app - www.nomorefiling.co.uk
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    Founder & CEO Nov 2011 - Jan 2014
    Founding CEO for enthuse.me - a site for marketing your personal brand. Acquired 16,000 customers in 9 months, nominated for and winner of several awards and received excellent reviews on over 100 tech blogs and news sites
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    IDT Global Ltd

    Director of Payment Products Mar 2010 - Sep 2011
    As Director of Payment Products for IDT Europe, I was responsible for running the Prime Card business including;  Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Finance (P&L),  Technology and Operations

    The two flagship products that I launched and managed were the Prime MasterCard card and the Gift2Go Gift Card which are still widely available in stores around the UK
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    IDT Global Ltd

    Co-founder / Head of Operations (European Payments) Jul 2005 - March 2010
    Co-founder of IDTFS, a licensed bank in Gibraltar and member of MasterCard (and later Visa).  I was instrumental in all areas of the business with responsibility for setting and managing the logistics, operations and technology to support the bank and its flagship product in the UK, the Prime Card.  The Prime Card was Europe's first instant issue pre-paid credit card
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    Previous experience

    1995 – 2005

    I have held many senior technology roles including CTO at Virgin.com, interim CTO at Confetti.co.uk and more.


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    I was delighted to moderate a panel with some esteemed guests on the subject of hiring in Tech. You can watch the whole event here - https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/10907-ctos-in-conversation-hiring The event took place at Skills Matter on Tuesday 26th September 2017
    I don't usually write about my religion here and it doesn't often intersect with my business life other than general principles about business ethics*. I'm writing about it here as considering this text over the years has helped me to understand why it's important to have professional mentors. ...
    September 10, 2017
    Thursday night (7th Sept) saw CTO Craft's first event with a panel discussion of CTO's talking on the subject of Fintech. There was a lively and informative debate including myself, Ezechi Britton CTO and Co-Founder at Neyber, Douglas Squirrel Former CTO at Osper & Jonathan Lister CTO at...
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  • Writings on business, Technology & startups

    The intersection of product and technology - how does the product role fit in a technology organisation
    What does a CTO do? - How I approach a new client as an Interim CTO
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    Throw that code away - Sometimes you need to just start again, and that's OK
    Less complex than the large hadron collider - the London startup accelerator scene demystified
    Why working from home doesn't work - I've since repudiated these views
  • Businesses I have created and founded

    Some companies I've founded, developed and launched

    Prime Card Image

    Prime Card

    in 2006, I co-founded a bank and launched a consumer pre-paid debit card - Prime Card which was very succesful
    Image of old Enthuse.me home page


    Enthuse.me was a next generation LinkedIn which I founded and built
    No More Filing Logo
    I founded in 2014, NMF is the main project I am focussing on. I launched the mobile app in Sept 2015
    Hello HR Logo
    Hello HR was an HR and benefits service which runs via slack. It has now pivoted to HelloBenefits and I am no longer involved
    Image of Expand home page
    Expand is a product discovery site for new and cool UK consumer web and mobile products.
  • Media

    No More Filing video used for raising money - 2015

    No More Filing video used for raising money - 2015

    No More Filing video used for raising money - 2015
    Video Interview with Tech City Entrepreneurs, I'm discussing my now defunct startup enthuse.me
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